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31. october 2009 at 17:39 | Miko.TaMpEr |  Fabz info
What gear are you using?
I´m playing Pearl master custom, Sabian cymbals and Wincent sticks

Who is your favorite musician?
I have quite a few and the range is pretty wide. All from Björk and Sting to Meshuggah and Machine Head. And ev­erything in between, but most of it is rock.

What is your best quality?
It´s kinda hard to answer that yourself. But I see myself as kind and trusting. For more info I guess you have to ask my friends.

And your biggest flaw?
Haha... I´m pigheaded and I have a really bad memory.

Which is your favorite Blowsight song?
They´re all good in their own way. They all have different mood and that´s what I like.

What was your funniest Blowsight-moment?
Oh crap! We have so many... check out our youtube channel and you´ll see a few.

What does music mean to you?
For me, music is all about making the person feel something when they listen to a song. The mood is very important to me. To mediate a groove, message or feeling that the lis­tener can take in and feel what we felt making a song. That´s what I like when I listen to music. To try and feel the charisma in the voice or how somebody phrases a melody.

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