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31. october 2009 at 17:29 | Miko.TaMpEr |  Nick Red info

What gear are you using?
Hughes & Kettner amps, Gibson SG guitars, coffee and Seb's guitar picks.

Who is your favorite musician?
Björk. Everything she touches turns into gold. Also, the reason why I picked up the guitar was because of James Het­field's rythm guitar playing. His riffing on the "...And Justice For All" album says it all, doesn't it?

What is your best quality?
The same as my worst quality - I care too much.

And your biggest flaw?
Apart from the caring part, I have a hard time sleeping. I enjoy erasing nights.

Which is your favorite Blowsight song?
There is a tie between "As Wicked As They Come" and "Wake Up Dead".

What was your funniest Blowsight-moment?
The night out with Machine Head was surreal, tons of fun. Sharing the stage with them during their "Davidian" was a dream come true, no doubt about it. I think the list of crazy and funny moments happened during the Kottak tour, but to get those stories out of me, you'd have to buy me a pint...

What does music mean to you?
Music means more to me than any­thing else. I could live without love and humans but not without music.


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