2003 Interview with Seb // Part 1

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2003 interview with Seb (guitars) of Blowsight
Hello Blowsight fans! Below is an interview I dug up from back in 2003 from the official Blowsight group on Yahoo (thats what we had back then before myspace) Chris Davis is the interviewer...enjoy! I'll post more of what I can find and will try to bring you the most Blowsight content on the web!

Hey guys, well here's my first crack at interviewing one of our
heroes...up first is Serban "Sebbe" Carapancea, he's definitely
worthy in my eyes as a future guitar hero---he's down with the
"May-Pops" * I put a copy of this in the files section for future

What's your current set-up (guitars, amps, effects...) =
Amps:Peavey Ultra Plus
Cabinets:Peavey 5150
Effects:Boss GX-700
Guitars:Varies, mostly Ibanez. Haven't found the love of my life

How long have you been playing guitar?
Slaming strings for 10 years

What's the first song you learned completely?
Ehh Mr. record man with Ugly Kid Joe? I think... or some Nirvana song

What are you currently listening to?
I..m currently listening to Sevendust (Animosity), Saliva, Chimaira,
Shinedown, Nothingface.

All time favorite album?
Sevendust (Animosity) is my all time favorite album. Right after that
comes Machine Head with Burn my eyes.

All time favorite movie?
Haha I must say Spaceballs cause it..s my kind of humor and has become
a cult movie for me. Top secret and Hot shots are right after.

Most under-rated band today and why?
Sevendust!!! Cuz they are fuckin.. awesome. Stereomud.

What's the best thing about Sweden?
Girls Girls Girls, the polar bears and stark bärs!!!

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Nick red 26.5% (788)
Seb 24.7% (736)
Mini 25.9% (772)
Fabz 22.9% (681)


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