A cinderella story coming true ...."HERE`S BLOWSIGHT" // part 1

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Miko - This is old article..article is from MetalSpine Megazine and from year 2007

Blowsight is band that somehow strangly has gone unnoticed from the labels. It could be that they sound professional enough to be well established already or the fact that they have already been on the otherside of the atlantic touring with Suicide City, Danzig, Evergrey and Life Of Agony. They are hardly amateaurs on the scene with allmost 80 gigs past. Now through the website www.Allears.se they have been signed for their debut single release with none other then Sony/Bmg. I had a quite entertaining and friendly chat with Nick Red (voclas, guitars) in the band and this is what came out of that phonecall.....

Blowsight all began in the Swedish capital Stockholm. Nicke and Fabbe (Fabien Perreau, Drums) knew each other from a time back, Fabbe was at that time focusing on another band. When Nicke and Sebbe (Serban Carapancea, guitars) met up, since they both were fresh out of old bands they started jamming together. Things went fine and they found out that they liked the same sounds and started plucking together some songs with another drummer. Flavia Canel (Ex. Drain) found the songs at www.Mp3.com (a old page were you could find new music and artists) and liked were they were going, she phoned Nicke and they tried together for a couple of weeks, the personal chemistry was working perfect not only in the band but on the outside aswell. So when they felt content with the feeling and sound there wasnt much to talk about. The old drummer skipped the band and Fabbe replaced him since his old band had hit an solid brick wall and the sparks that kept them going had turned to cold coals. Blowsight aimed more for his kind of sound then the other band had done as well.

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