A cinderella story coming true ...."HERE`S BLOWSIGHT" // part 2

10. january 2010 at 8:00 | blowsight-cz-st@seznam.cz |  other Interviews
On the question if the sound have been set from the start, I got an laughing answer ;"I don´t think that we have settled for a certain kind of sound as of yet, the songs written so far has just turned out the way they have, the music has varied from soft and easy to leadheavy hardrock tunes. The only red line through it all as of yet has been that´s it the same voice, our basic idea from the beginning has been to play really heavy hard rock but still sticking to melodies and singing, even though there´s quite a few parts with growling the singing is the main thing."

The reactions on the win on Allears.se has been filled with confused comments and surprised listeners wondering "What are you doign here, aren´t you already signed" and etc... But the truth remains that the band are unsigned, Blowsight have been going hard for about 4 years (4th birthdays this summer). Although the band isn´t they have hardly been idle. They have been gigging around here in the Scandinavia, but thats hardly all. Over 80 gigs have been covered and the BIG country in the west U.S have had them over for a visit as well. The band saved up as much money as they could, packed the intruments and caught a plane over the atlantic. The first plans were a showcase for a recordlabel over in the states, but the plans changed a bit. Flavia has some experience of touring in U.S from before with here former band Drain and her old pal Billy Graziadei (Ex. Biohazard) has a new band called Suicide City and he was really excited about getting Blowsight to do a minitour with them, so apart from a fun and slitely odd vacation over there they got to do some real fun touring with not only Suicide City, but bands like DAnizg and Evergrey. It was quite some change from walking around in Stockholm. After all looking at the BIG world, Stockholm is quite small both in size and population from many other cities. There are maximum 8 places thats suitable for a gig on this level of the career in Stockholm. Gothenburgs metal/hard rock scene is quite a few numbers larger, after all Gothenburg has surely made an name for their metal in Sweden. Bands like In Flames, Soilwork and Dark Tranquility goes by the name of Gothenburg metal but as soon as you go outside of the borders of Sweden it´s called swedish metal, Gothenburg bands has some out of the ordinary sound that has very much distinguished "swedishmetal" outside sweden.

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