A cinderella story coming true ...."HERE`S BLOWSIGHT" // part 3

10. january 2010 at 8:30 | blowsight-cz-st@seznam.cz |  other Interviews
The single they are releasing now is called "I´ll be around" and was written about 5 months ago, so it´s relativley fresh. 4 songs have been uploaded. There was one song that was actually more bought and listened to but Sony/Bmg choose to go with this one. Nicke thought it had probably to do with the fact that "I´ll Be Around" was more accepted to a wider audience and more

"pottytrained". Nicke feels like they have been taken to make an example out of as well on the fact that "Publish your songs here and this is how good things can turn out".
Behind www.Allears.se stands some big names in the music industry of sweden and it was actually one of the founders that contactes Blowsight and told them to put up some of their songs on the page, they had a pretty good guess that they could go somewhere. Every month a competition will take place were the most popular song (both from listeners and company people) will win a single release with Sony/Bmg.

We also got talking about how the fact of not chaining yourself to one kind of sound and scene keeps your fans and intrestees on their toes about whats gonna happen next, and the fact that a band like that is much more intrested to keep chcking in on then a band that keeps sounding the same year after year after year. Nicke mentioned Refused as an great example (their last record "The Shape Of Punk To Come" was "So splittered but in a such nice way") on how a record could be so varied in sound but still somehow not loosing the focus and interest of one perticular listener, they were still hardcore but on the record there were jazz, drum and base, pop, hardcore all thrown into a blender. Such an album is so much more intresting to listen to then a "straight" rock album.

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