A cinderella story coming true ...."HERE`S BLOWSIGHT" // part 4

10. january 2010 at 9:00 | blowsight-cz-st@seznam.cz |  other Interviews
I had to ask him about his nickname Nick Red and originated from that the drummer Calle Rudolfsson from Stained Red started calling him Nicke Redbeard (since he had a bit longer red beard at the time), it sounded a bit pirate like and it somehow got stuck and members from other bands continued calling him that. And when even one of the members from Evergrey asked him ;"if it wasn´t Nicke Red" he accepted it and started using it himself, it was even easier that way.

The next thing on the scheme are a dual releaseparty together with a band called the "Middleages" and that will take place on Debaser in Stockholm on the 15th of march. After that a promotion drive will take place with interviews. More gigs are coming as the times goes by but the main focus has been on the release so far so not much are really set yet.

Nicke invited you all rockers and metalheads to keep an extra eye open for Blowsight, they are gigging through Sweden so far, but I wouldnt be surprised if you run across them in Europe in an very near future as well. They got a style and sound that they can go very far on.

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