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27. april 2010 at 13:49 | Miko.TaMpEr |  myspace

News flash, dear friends - Your favourite band Blowsight will be doing a littabitta travelling with the, holy sh*t, almighty, legendary, I-can't-believe-it's-true S C O R P I O N S.

That's right - we will do the honours to open up for one of the most important rock bands throughout the history of Rock'n Roll. This is probably the sickest thing that has ever happened to us so far in the Blowsight diary, and we are SO psyched (no sh*t Sherlock).

It's gonna be great to meet our awesome crazynut James Kottak again, and together with his pioneers from the Scorpions, alongside with our previous road friends in Edguy (from 2009), this is gonna be an event you do not, I repeat do NOT want to miss.
You can find the dates on our Myspace page.

Also, a couple of new Swedish shows will soon be up. Look out world, this year is our year.
Let's make the arenas rattle.

All the best

Nick 'the bandit' Red

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