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Překlad - Lightzone

Už to jenom zbejvá přeložit do češtiny :D..Překlad bude co nejdřív, možná po částech ale určitě bude =)

Not many in Sweden know of the band Blowsight. In Europe on the other hand, they are better known. There are many hard working bands in our country and the 4 guys in Blowsight are no exception. From Stockholm, brought up on the cold beer at Medusa they are going their own way. They describe their music as "popmetalpunk" which is indeed fitting. Their energetic shows and cheerful attitudes are reflected in their music. InkZine have met the guys and thrown a bag of questions to Nick, the singer in Blowsight.

"Celý článek"

Nick met their former bass player Flavia Canel (previously of Drain STH) at a party outside Stockholm at some grimy rock club and started talking about music. They soon discovered that they had the same influences and met up with Fabz (drums) and Sebs (guitar) some weeks later in a rehearsal studio. They worked out some song ideas together and that's how it goes. About two years ago, Mini became the new bass player. Blowsight held auditions in a true 'American Idol'-fashion, Mini came in and played some amazing stuff on his bass.
-  Probably not something we'll have any use for in our music, but he connected very well with us and he is now one of my absolute best friends, says Nick.

How come you're playing this kind of music?
Blowsight's music is like a melting pot of all the members' favourite music, regardless if it's Metallica, Queen, My Chemical Romance or Testament - everything fits. Even if it isn't very pronounced we often use words combined with other bands "trademarks" - you often hear the other guys say "Nick, use some more Deftones chords in this chorus", or "Fabz, try some Vinnie Paul-feel here". I'm sure many band members out there recognize this. We've always said that if anyone in the band doesn't like a song, it goes - everyone needs to be proud of the material and so far, so good!

You've re-released your record "Destination Terrorville" and toured in Europe lately, how have you been received?
Yes, we released the record ourselves first, but then a German label loved the sound and released it - which also gave us a chance to change the sleeve design from a slightly gloomy one to one that fit the music better. So the first release will soon be a rarity! says Nick and laughs.
The record have gotten glowing reviews and people seem to have their own personal favourites on it, which is fun to realize - that there isn't an obvious hit song on the record, everyone we meet names a different song. It's also amazing to tour in less obvious countries, like Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands, and see people sing along to songs, sometimes songs we haven't even released yet. In some German cities we can't even walk down the streets without fans asking us for autographs. It's a bit weird, but a lot of fun as well.
Earlier this year we toured for a while with Kottak, an American band with James from Scorpions singing, and it ended up with some Blowsight supporters travelling around and going to every gig on the tour. So we must be doing something right!
The sad thing is that we've let Sweden fall into the background because of all the cities we haven't played in here. We do have some gigs planned in Sweden soon. It's always fun to play on home ground.

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