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I heard that you were going to open for Scorpions?
Yeah, James liked our live performance to the extent that he insisted to the other members of Scorpions to let us support them in Germany, which was completely surreal - to play for 700kids one day, and then play for 18 000people the week after must be one of the most incredible things I've ever done in my life. I must admit though, that I love the intensity and intimacy that comes with smaller venues, to be as close to the crowd as possible. Sometimes it's frustrating at festivals and bigger venues to be 7meters from front row. But I won't deny that stadium gigs are a bit magical. A 20minute gig feels like 2minutes. Is that what they call an adrenaline kick?

"Celý článek"

Tell us about something embarrassing that's happened while on tour?
You'll have to ask Mini about that - he does most of the embarrassing things on our tours. It COULD be that I trigger him to do the stupid stuff, like running around naked in the hotel corridors and such. But the kids like it, the cameras are out in a second! The only thing I can think of was when I and Sebs were up on stage singing with Machine Head, plastered, during 'Davidian'. After the song I jumped down from the stage to get backstage again and managed to hit the mixing table. Their soundguy gave me a not so friendly smile… Six months later I met Phil from Machine Head again and the first thing he says is "Hey man HOLY SHIT you were drunk the last time I met you!".

How come you've made covers of "toxic" and "poker face"?
Well, what the hell, they're good songs? We started playing Toxic just as it started to get played at radio stations and decided to include it in our setlist at a gig in Gothenburg. Surprisingly, regardless if people wore Green Day or Slayer t-shirts, it was received well. I don't think I've met anyone that can honestly tell me that isn't a well written song. When it comes to Poker Face, I mean, just listen to the riff in the bridge of Gaga's version - isn't that a typical trash riff?! Evil stuff! Gaga is a bit like the Marilyn Manson of pop. We need people in society that shocks in an intelligent way and are a bit outrageous. Being commonplace is blasé. Then the fact that she herself approved of our cover and gave it the thumbs up is a big acknowledgement for us.

What does the future hold? Are you going back in the studio to record new material?
Yes, we're in the studio as we speak! We've recorded 20 songs and are trying to agree about which ones should be on the record and which ones should go. The new material is more upbeat, more punk and has less slow riffs. At the point of the last record I was quite depressed and this was reflected in most of the songs. Nowadays I'm feeling happier and more positive, and that likewise shows in the new songs. However, many of the lyrics deal with getting out of depressions and to think individually. To not be a part of the mainstream that so many seem bent on joining. Personally I'd rather throw myself off a bridge tonight than join that trend.

Do you have a new single out?
Yes, we couldn't wait to release a rough version of one of the new songs - it's called Bandit For Life and can no doubt be seen as one of the new songs with a more upbeat feeling. We played it live for the first time in Sweden when we headlined East Festival here in Stockholm 2 weeks ago, and the crowd went nuts. They even made a considerable wall of death during the intro. The Swedish fans can be harder to sway, so it was really cool to see that. It is also one of the most requested songs at Bandit Radio right now, which is great.

What is your relationship to tattoos and piercings?
I started getting tattoos as late as last year, and I'm already hooked. Fabz had some tattoos already, but it took a bit longer for me to decide to get one. I was one of those people that needed to be 110% sure. Then my dear (and very tattooed) friend Ida told me to "get it together and just do it!", so the first one ended up on my upper right arm, a dedication to the Icelandic singer Björk, a burning heart with the text "All Is Full Of Love". Klara Hag at Swahili Bobs did it. She's an incredible tattoo artist with a new school style that I love - the fact that Klara is also a very cool person made the tattoo session even better. 5 minutes after the first one was done I made a new appointment and was back in the chair two days later. Then I did one on each wrist, "Life" and "Death" that show where I stand ideologically - there is nothing before life and there is nothing after death, in my opinion.
Daniel Norin at the same place did those two and also the latest tattoo on my left forearm, a classic old school swallow with a candle in its beak. It's strange with tattoos - the first thing I see when I look in the mirror afterwards is not the new tattoo but all the naked skin around it - "Now what will I cover this with!?", Mini has no tattoos but has embraced piercings, a third one in his lower lip is on its way. One wonders what on earth his poor mother will say.

Does anyone of you have any plans to get a new tattoo soon? In that case what? And in what studio?
Yes, every time someone has their birthday a gift voucher from Swahili Bob's pops up, so everyone is on their way. I will develop my Björk-tattoo, Mini comes up with crazy ideas for his first all the time and Sebs seems to want to do a Skully (Blowsight's mascot). I'd like to do a slightly twisted version of Corpse Bride and will absolutely let Klara do her thing again; she's so good at it. I love how she works with radiant colours. I don't think she missed a single colour in the one she did on me.

At last I'd just like to say that Mini owes me a beer and what are you going to do about it?
"We've told him that he's not allowed to listen to that crappy fusion music until he buys you one back! Just come by Medusa Bar and we'll solve this once and for all, goddammit!" Nick concludes the interview with a laugh.


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