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31. august 2010 at 16:33 | Miko.TaMpEr |  myspace
Hey hey!

Raining like MAD here in Stockholm today, so I figured I'd stay in with a glass of Mont Redon Châteauneuf-du-Pape, listen to Frank Sinatra and write y'all an update! YAY ME!! Okayy... where do I begin? OH! The OFFICIAL release date is on yours truly's birthday - October 15th! 14 new songs, some are quite familiar to you because of our recent german/swiss/netherland shows, and some are BRAND new. Smoking hot stuff. :)
"Celý článek"

I thought I'd reveal the artwork of the album. You wanna see it? You sure? Promise not to tell anyone. Goodie.


"Dystopia" is the complete opposite of the more known word "Utopia". Utopia is the word for an idealistic society, where everything is, in the eyes of the system and government, perfect. Something that is too good to be true. Something that is so good, it is practically impossible to happen. World peace, for example. Will we ever see it happen..? Anyhow - something dystopic is, simply put, the exact opposite of something utopic. The closest modern times have ever come to a Dystopia is, in fact, the two world wars. Something that noone could possibly imagine happening. Having said this, the album is not a depressing album. With "Destination Terrorville" exploring mainly my more depressive and destructive parts, moments and reflections in life, this album is a way out of it. This album is about not having to fit into whatever the authority wants us to be. This album is about thinking for yourself. This album is about normfucking. To dare being different. So there ya go.

Also, we are happy to announce that Bandit Radio revealed the best Blowsight rock song ever on a "Bandit's Best" competition, and the song that won was "Bandit For Life". Thank you everyone who voted! It means alot to see the dedication.

We can't wait to head out on tour with our brothers and sister in Sonic Syndicate, and we really hope to see you all there. You CANNOT miss out on this party. It's gonna be chaotic, in a good way :)

Nick Red
x x x


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1 Perhonen Perhonen | 31. august 2010 at 23:56 | React

"Raining like MAD here in Stockholm today." - haha, i nás letos počasí ve Stockholmu málem pořádně "vyšplouchlo".

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