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15. august 2010 at 15:39 | Miko.TaMpEr |  myspace
Thank you!

Playing the german shows last week was extremely fun, and we are endlessly grateful for all the cool people joining us on our first-ever-headlining-german-show (that's a long word!). The atmosphere in that place was unbelievable and the only bad part about the evening is that it ended waaay to quickly.

We want to thank our kickass Blowsighted friends for showing up. For the love, the smiles, the handclappin'. For the presents (the chocolate, Chibi-books, t-shirts, key rings, ties, pins, teddybears - the list is long and our tourbus was PACKED on our way home, haha). For the fussball game Blowsight VS Blind (7-10 to Blind.... F*CK! Rematch soon, guys). For the Blowsight tattoos being shown (who would've known that 7 years ago? NOT me, I'll tell you that... and damnit - you guys beat me to it by a quick wind - the Skully tattooes!!! DA-AAMN!!!!! :D )

In short - Thank you. Without you, we wouldn't be doing what we do. We love you!

Now, looking forward to swedish shows with Royal Republic and Sonic Syndicate. The future's friggin' bright, you know?

x x x

Hugs n' Roses!!

Nick Red & Blowsight


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1 Dada a Ivka Dada a Ivka | Email | Web | 15. august 2010 at 15:42 | React

Super !!! Inak pekný blog ešte naštívim ak budem mať  čas :D Nechceš sa zapojiť do Bleskovky u mňa na blogu ? Ak áno klikni tu :

Ak to bereš ako reklamu tak prepáč článok pre reklamy som asi prehliadla :-)Tešíme sa na teba :-)

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