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17. november 2010 at 14:48 | Miko.TaMpEr |  Facebook

Video shoot yesterday, tonight - UNDERGROUND COLOGNE! Yeaaah. :)

Cold day off in Cologne, chillin' with Blowsight. My shoes are starting to look like Mini's old ones... touring kills Converse, that's fo' SURE!

Nantes, France! Awful weather but amazing crowd. Holy hell. Nick happy. Life is good.

Last night in Spain, wonderful time in Bilbao (isn't that one of those loosers in Lord Of The Rings? Whatev.), sun shining and wonderful people everywhere.Tomorrow, FRANCE le baguette! x x x

Spain, wake me up! Is this a dream?? These crowds are SICK. Nuff said. Moshpits like no place before. Loving it. Muchas f*ckin gracias!

Barcelona for the first time in Blowsight history! Audience was wonderful - nailed the lyrics, jumped the jumps! MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!!!

Back in Switzerland,Solothurn's turn! CRAZY people. :) Tomorrow, BARCELONA! SPAIN, give me some friggin' SUN! :D

Tortellini and gorgonzola cream sauce in the backstage area, Die Röhre revisited!! This show KICKED F'CKING ASS! LOVING THIS. Keep 'em coming, babies n gentlemen!

Just a couple of hours left in this AMAZING country. Loving it. Beautiful. Heading over the nostalgia place #1 - STUTTGART! The venue where we first met our friends from the Scorpions. Hoo-fuckin'-raa!!!

Italy was amazing. :) LOVED IT. Tomorrow - Italy PRATO! Hell yeah... :D

Seregno. ITALY!!! Kind of cold (WTF!?) but it's gonna be a great day. :)

HAD A KICKASSS TIME in Vienna. This place is crazy. :) Loving it. Tomorrow - ITALY!!

Abych řekla nebylo toho málo o.O


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