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5. january 2011 at 14:37 | Miko.TaMpEr |  Blowsight in print
Scan by Fanny Sekunde.
Translate by Anaïs.


Translation by Anaïs.

The Swedish in the gearing.

......On the 23th of November, Blowsight was the opening band of Sonic Syndicate in La Flèche D'Or in Paris. One hour before, the band confided during a very relaxed interview.

...Nick Red, Seb, Mini and Fabz, 4 guys dressed with style, extrapolated emos, eye make-up on and black nail polish, the whole band is here. Crossing Europe with Sonic Syndicate on the "We rule the world tour", the devilish quator is on cloud nine. According to Nick Red, the tour is " a dream became true, already when I was a kid I fantasized about giving concerts all over the world". For the Swedish, it's the opportunity to meet their fans and to make them rocking. Defending their last album "Dystopia Lane" , the guyz let the music talk for them. They want a reaction, encourage people to change their mentality. According to Nick Red "Normality is boring. Instead of looking for being like the others, we want people to show them as they really want to be". As the provocative "I wish you 666" shows, the opening song (and track) put immediately the audience on the good path. Then, a cover of Lady Gaga shows that the seriousness is not really a habit with those Swedish guys. So if you missed them this year, don't worry, they will be on the roads in 2011 for some festivals in the summer ! And in order to wait, a dedicace for the french-spokers fans : "Thank you for your support and your presents!" with the personal touch of Fabz "... and for all thoses cakes and presents given!".

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Your fave member in Blowsight?

Nick red 26.5% (788)
Seb 24.7% (736)
Mini 25.9% (772)
Fabz 22.9% (681)


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