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Inspired with song "Enchanted" from Taylor Swift.

"There I was again tonight,

forcing laughter, faking smiles"

There I was again tonight. True. I was again there. On their concert. I don't know why I am still going on their concerts, when I know that I saw them a lots of times. There is something, why I still going here. He is there, but he don't know me. Sometimes he look on me, but that's all. After the show I went to the bar where I order tequila. When I was wanted to start drink someone touch my shoulder.

"Hmm?" I turn around and look on the boy in front of me. "oh.. Hi," I smile on Mini.

"Can I sit there next to you?" He ask me and the only thing which I said was 'sure'. It'll be okay Miko. You're not dreaming, he is sitting next to you but (!) he is there because of talking probably. Or it looks like.

"The playful conversation starts,

counter all your quick remarks

like passing notes in secrecy

and it was enchanting to meet you

all i can say is i was enchanted to meet you.."

"Have we met?" He ask me, after ordering his drink.

"No, probably not. I was only on much of your concerts, that's all. Tonight it's for first time when we talk each other like.. now." I gave him half-smile.

"That's probably the reason why I think that I saw you somewhere. What you drink right now?"


"You like tequila? Are you kidding me? I know about something what is better."

"So you can say it to me what it is and I could try it next time."

"Tequila is not for small girls," he start to laugh and I only looking on him. This can't be true.

"I'll be soon 20, so don't saying that tequila is not for small girls."

"I am older than you"

"And what? You didn't say me what you think with this sentence,"

"That because you're younger than me, you're small girl," he smile and I shake my head. That's not normal.

"Whatever.. You was great tonight." I start with compliment, but this saying to him probably every second girl, and I am between them.

"Thanks, I saw you in first row. You was rocking with us. It was interesting to watching you sometimes," he start to laugh again and my cheeks going to be red.

"I didn't know that you watched me so much."

"Because you was looking most of the time on other members of Blowsight. That's one of the reasons why I am there. I'd like to know something about you."

"You want to know something about me?" That's strange, but.. If he want I could say him something about me."

"You're right. Don't you want to say something about you to me? It will stay between us. I wouldn't say it to anyone hm..?"

"Okay, so I start with something.. I am living in this country from my birth, I would be soon 20 years old how I said you before. I like to sing, play the piano, draw, talking with my friends, meeting them and.. of course going on concerts." That's normal, I love concerts, and when is some concert of band which is my favorite near to me I am going there.

"You didn't said me a lot, but I appreciate it.. What was your dream job when you were young?"

"I was wanted to be teacher, but from secondary school I know it's not so funny how it looks. You can get some class in which aren't nice people, so that's why my decision was to be graphic designer and now? I am graphic designer." I smile and drink my tequila again.

"That's interesting. So you're graphic designer? Could I see some of your works one time?"

"I-I don't know. If you will want, I think I could do it. I have got some of my designs on my table so maybe on next concert I'll bring them with me there."

"Try to don't forget it please, or.. I should can gave you my e-mail. Hey man.. Have you got piece of paper and some pen please?" He look on the boy behind the bar, and the boy bring to him in some seconds the paper and pen.

"Thanks," he smile and start to write on the paper his e-mail and.. his number?.. Oh.. wow..

"There it is.. and.. I forgot to ask you.. What's your name nice girl?"

"Miko, nice to meet you," I smile and hug him.

"Nice to meet you too. You looks like really nice person but I think I'll must go.."

"It's okay, I should go right now.. Tomorrow I have got lot of things to do.. Thanks for the time which I could spend with you, I enjoyed it a lot." I stand from the chair and take my jumper to hand.

"Write me when you'll got time. I enjoyed it too, thanks for your time. You are really nice person." I only smile and say the last 'bye' to him. Than I leave the club and go back home.

One month later

"The lingering question kept me up

2 am, who do you love?"

It's me or it's someone else? We started to be in contact together before one month and we talking each other still.. Sometimes we meet somewhere and enjoying the time with each other but both of us living on the other side of city, so it's sometimes hard.

"I wonder 'til I'm wide awake

now I'm pacing back and forth

wishing you were at my door

I'd open and you would say

It was enchanting to meet you

all I know is I was enchanted to meet you"

But I know that's not possible. We can be friends, but I think.. I still want from it much. Friends. Can it be reality, and not only dream? Beautiful dream?.. I am not sure..

"I'll spend forever wondering if you knew

I was enchanted to meet you"


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