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I used to believe in Karma. You know, do good and rewards will come. Act like an asshole and a small shitstorm awaits you - the law of cause and effect. I used to believe in that. It was a good ideology for me, simple but strong. It made sense. Sometimes I could even witness it, even though now I feel it was most likely just a row of various coincidences.

Through the lens of a camera we witness the massive tragedies that occurs in Japan. It almost feels like a sequence to some high-budget Hollywood chatastrophy movie. And honestly, Stockholm is about 5000 miles away which doesn't make it easier to grasp. I sit in my apartment in the swedish capital city, cuppa coffee, grains of Sandman sand still in my eyes. I've got my health, I've got a roof over my head, refridgerator is packed (okay, not the biggest of fridges, but still), fresh water, loving 'n caring people surrounding me. And still, I can actually complain over the most ridiculous things. "Damn, this day is ruined - it's pouring outside/hairspray running low/neighbours drilling in the wall/my fav tee is dirty.

Japan, March 2011. Biggest earthquake in modern japanese history (and mind you, this country is usually well-prepared for these things), followed by a tsunami, the nuclear plant teetering on the brink of catastrophe, radiation. The list is long. And these are just headlines. Underneith lay the personal tragedies, of which I can not in my wildest nightmares even get CLOSE to understand. But I can open my eyes. This cannot be a question of Karma.

Today, I don't complain about the grey sky outside my windows. I don't complain about the quality of a 128kbps Mp3, or over mildly annoying neighbours.

Today, I light a candle. Even if it sometimes feels as though the world would end tomorrow, let's plant a tree today.


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Jo, dorazilo ;-)

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