ALBUM REVIEW: Destination Terrorville Pt. 2

31. may 2011 at 16:20 | Miko.TaMpEr |  Reviews
Pokračování recenze k Destination Terrorville ;).

Of the 'more metal' songs on the album, another stand-out is 'Thought Of Bride', which begins with a heavy guitar intro accompanied by some intense drumming, and includes some growled vocals. But this is the one track that does have some clear contrasting sections. The drums quickly become much simpler than they started (although there are a few flourishes later on), and clean vocals still dominate.

There are moments in other songs ('In This Position', 'Terrorville', 'All That Is Wrong') where lead singer Nick Red almost sounds Hetfield-esque (Metallica) in that he often ends a verse (or even a note) more aggressively than he began (a clear change from their earlier material). Definitely one to watch. But this is, of course, where the comparisons must end. The vocals, in particular, take more inspiration from the acceptable side of punk than they do heavy metal.

But Blowsight are definitely not a band that should be mistaken for 'pop punk'. The heavier moments are not just for effect. There is enough variety in the album to demonstrate a great deal of song-writing ability, and although this is definitely not a guitar album, it's far from being made up of mindless thrashing or being solely dependent on Nick's vocal skills. Add thoughtful lyrics and balanced levels of aggression to catchy sing-along-moments, and you get a band that are a million miles away from the likes of 'American Idiots' Green Day.

In many ways it's easy to just think of them as an alternative rock band, but one who do not seek to cling jealously to the 'alternative' label. It's possible to think of Blowsight as a more contemplative and simply 'less angry' version of Californian hardcore/metalcore band Atreyu (based on the more mainstream sound to be found on the latter's two most recent albums). Less dramatic certainly, but perhaps it all comes together a little more convincingly. (And I say that as a big Atreyu fan).

Destination Terrorville is definitely an album that will appeal to everyone, and no one. Meaning that it will be difficult to determine exactly which 'type' of fans the band will end up attracting. Luckily, they do have one high-profile fan in Scorpions drummer James Kottak, who took them on the road with his solo project earlier this year.

Then came the big news: the opening slot on the Scorpions European Tour. Unfortunately a change in plans (blamed on "production reasons") has meant that they've been removed from the tour, and have been cruelly denied the opportunity to continue expanding their fanbase. Not that this is likely to dull their enthusiasm.

Blowsight are a band that revel in their underground status, and make this abundantly clear in 'The Simple Art (Of Making You Mine)', one of their more 'pop' offerings. The song features some clever, tongue-in-cheek lyrics about the 'art' of attracting new fans, dispensing with clowns in order to "dance around like Timberlake", and spending any money they could have made on "the new Nintendo". This is clearly not a band who are taking things too seriously.

This is also apparent in their aforementioned choice of cover songs (which haven't found their way onto the album). Whilst their cover of 'Toxic' is far better than the Static Lullaby version that some of you may have heard, it's their cover of 'Poker Face' that really demonstrates how Blowight are able to seamlessly merge pop, punk, and metal all into one catchy, aggressive, multi-layered sound.

Leaving these cover versions as internet rarities rather than bonus tracks was probably a wise decision, as nothing should really detract from the quality of the original material on offer here. If you like what you hear (whether you've picked up the album or not), it's worth checking the band's MySpace occasionally for new tracks, as they're not shy about sharing material.

If I have any complaints about the album it's that the band decided to both open and close the album with re-recordings ('She-Devil' and 'Bus Girl'). Sure, these songs have only ever been available on the internet (I discovered them on, which now appears to have died), but it's an uncomfortable experience hearing a re-recording of a song you love at the best of the times, let alone when you're nervous/excited about a debut album.

Of course, this won't bother the vast majority of people picking up the CD, but the fact that the re-recordings are less visceral and raw than the original is a little disappointing. But that's the nature of progress! And this is definitely a band in the ascendancy.

In the end, I can scarcely do more to recommend Destination Terrorville. It simply has no weak spots. Albums that have no truly bad songs are relatively common; albums where the quality is so consistently high that it's difficult to pick even a top four or five are not. I could easily talk about each of the album tracks, but I'll limit myself to providing one more link, this time to Blowsight's only video release so far:

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the future. (Well, perhaps not, but it's a lot of fun nonetheless).

- Phil Henderson


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1 LeNn* LeNn* | Web | 1. june 2011 at 14:31 | React

:) i já jsem ráda, že jsem zpět ;) chybělo mi to tu :P
v pohodě :P
Jéj děkuju :* jsem ráda, že se ti u mě líbí ;D

2 LeNn* LeNn* | Web | 1. june 2011 at 14:55 | React

no tak o tobě je to známé, ty závislačko :P
mě se taky stýskalo :*
třeba mě :DD

3 LeNn* LeNn* | Web | 1. june 2011 at 15:11 | React

:) a navíc by ho byla škoda, toho tvýho blogu :*
sakra :D ještě, že jsem od tb tak daleko :P

4 LeNn* LeNn* | Web | 1. june 2011 at 15:26 | React

proč kleješ ? :DD
super, blog můžeš mít přece až do důchodu :DDD
super no - to jako přijedeš, utrhneš mi hlavu a zase odjedeš ? :DD Paráda, alespoň na pohřb bys mohla zůstat :D :P

5 LeNn* LeNn* | Web | 1. june 2011 at 16:20 | React

nezávid, to není dobrá vlastnost :DD
supr, rovnou se nám nastěhuj do bytu.. to nemáš v plánu ? :DD
tak hledej, hledej :P

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