Wacken Open Air Special Interview: Nick Red

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We fell over Blowsight at Wacken more or less accedentely. A friend told me to go there ... so we did. And I have to say: Thanks for this hint, it was worth it!
As said in the gig review we were blown away and Blowsight became our "Band of the festival".
Sure we had to ask singer and guitarist Nick Red some questions.

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2011 was your first time in Wacken. Did this happen because you are cooperation with the same booking agency?
It was more the other way around - they found us because they dig the music we play, and since we are aiming towards a more heavy sound nowadays, compared to the first two albums, they figured we would be good for the festival lineup. And so did we. So it all came quite naturally, you know.

Did you enjoy your audience?
We sure did. They've been getting warmed up with tons of bands that day, and to be honoured of playing on such a late slot as we did, we gathered all the people who still had the energy for a couple of more moshpits and shouting before Mr Kilmister hit the stage one block away. Seeing so many headbangers singing along to our songs definately made a huge impact on me, and there's no doubt that it was one of the proudest moments of my musical career so far, that's for sure.

How important is it for you as band on stage that the audience sings along?
Oh, It is important. It's a proof that, hey, they did their homework! Awesome. The louder the better. We like to interact with the crowd and to give them a couple of chorus lines to sing every once in a while definately brings us closer to them. It shortens the space between us, to compensate for the security fences...

And how much of it can you hear on stage?
Nowadays we use in-ear as monitoring onstage, so what I usually do is to leak one of the earplugs. That usually does the trick!

How was the whole Wacken Open Air experience for you?
It was a vacation! Amazing atmosphere everywhere we went, I could not see one single fight or any violence whatsoever, and I think that is common for rock festivals. Metalheads and rockers tend to be less violent, don't you think? It might be the aggressive music that evens it up - if I feel mad about something, I just crank some Slayer or some Strapping Young Lad, and that always calms me down again. If I started listening to some House/Techno crap, it would probably go the other way around!

Did you play your usual set or did you choose a special one for Wacken?
Obviously we left out some of the more mellow songs. When in Rome, you know. It felt perfect for the occasion, to blast our heaviest tunes. Playing "I wish you 666" versus playing "Over The Surface"? You do the math....*laughs*

We were told there was music on the toilettes in the Artist Village. What did they play?
Probably the coolest toilettes I've ever been to, first of all! Felt like a five star hotel in there, with the plasma screens showing live videos and stuff like that, it was really cool. I recall emptying my snake to "Overkill" by Motörhead. No better feeling!

Which other bands did you see and which was your favourite show?
We arrived wednesday night so we headed for the festival area on thursday afternoon. There was a lot of kickass acts during the whole festival, but if have to name just one? It has to be Motörhead. Lemmy just oozes rock'n roll. I can understand that they probably hate playing "Ace Of Spades" every night, but wow... when that riff started, the whole festival was exploding. No raindrops could stop the crowd from moving. Also, watching Sepultura enter the stage and instantly jumpin' into "Arise" was wicked.

We chose you as our "Band of the Festival". Does this mean anything to you?
Of course it does, I feel very honoured and I speak for the whole band when I say this. To be the band of the festival is a huge achievement, absolutely. Now just send us the golden trophee! Seriously though, we are super happy about it and celebrated it with a couple of pints tonight in the rehearsal studio. So, thank you!!

At the moment you don't have a bass player listed in your line up. Who was the guy supporting you at Wacken?
Standing in on bass for the Wacken show was our good friend Miche. We love hanging out with him and we have a lot in common. We shared the stage with his band Degradead before, and he offered to help us out. Although, right now we just found the hand that fits the Blowsight glove. We'll announce our new asskicking brother on www.blowsight.com in just a couple of days, so stay tuned!

You'll tour Germany amongst others in November 2011. Two gigs are confirmed so far. Will there be more?
Will you headline the tour or support some other band again?
Gigs are constantly flying in, so yeah, there will definately be more than two shows during that tour! We are going to play with other bands, but we will headline. I'm looking forward to play with some up'n coming crazy bands out there, I know there are SO many bands that has the hunger, so we might just bring them out and make the experience as fun as possible. We also got some shows getting confirmed where we open for some huge acts, but nothing is certain until it's certain!

You have this Lady Gaga cover. Nowerdays it seems to be very popular to cover her. What was your reason?
And why did you choose "Poker Face"?
I remember hearing that song when it came out and instantly felt that "hey, this melody in the bridge would be sooo heavy translated into massive distorted guitars!". So we started jamming on it in the studio, threw it out as a teaser in one of our Blowsight videos on Youtube - and all of a sudden the cover was requested on tons of radio stations and became a must in our live set. People tend to go crazy during the choruses on that one, it's a great crowd pleaser. And even Lady Gaga herself actually gave us the "thumbs up" for it, which was cool.

You are from Sweden, but all your official contact partners (Management, Label, Booking,…) are German. How come?
Seb met our manager in Germany, we started working, and it all turned in to a snowball-effect after that, it just kept on rolling. Also, germans are a hard working people. Swedes tend to get a little.... lazy, occasionally. Also, Germany is HUGE. It's like the mecka of Hard Rock in Europe, so it's great to have the good crew we actually have there. Most shows we've done the last couple of years have been in Germany, so it seems like a perfect match.

Famous last words:
F*ck the norm! Period.


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