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3. february 2014 at 22:20 | Miko.TaMpEr |  Reviews

Blowsight are a Hard Rock/Metal band from Sweden, who are back with their latest 14 track effort `Life & Death´

It´s Me You´re Looking For kicks off the record with a big ole bang. Its blatant Hard Rock with a layer of Metal that adds an extra skin. Its melodic, fast tempo-ed and definitely leaves you wanting more. Back Where We Belong opens slowly with its eerie vocals before the guitars pack in their punch and its hard drumming keeps the track on pace. Its catchy, yet not allowing the `Metal´ essence to disappear. Metal riffs power through, which gives the track its edge although the vocals become a little too repetitive in parts.

Play Play Play turns at the Rock n Roll dial and it certainly knows how to play. The guitar solo midway gives the track that extra clout. A good tempo and melody to complete this old school feel that shows these guys are versatile musically and can still make it sound good and allowing it to fit in its place without error. The Sun Behind The Rain opens with distorted sounding riffs that gives the track a power boost from its starting gate. A great tempo and melody allows for a great overall track.

Through These Eyes is definitely the ballad of the record with its slow tempo, It allows the heartfelt lyrics to be really heard. Pato Pooh features with a midsection rap that is totally unexpected but actually works to my surprise. It shows that they can push the boundaries and create something quite unique. A definite stand out track for me.

From Surprise, Hit On The Radio, They Whisper, This Pain, Blackout Time to We All Fall Down, Red Riding Blues, Dystopia II and ending with Dirt. This band knows how to keep the listener on their toes. Each track is completely different in sound from Hard Rock, Metal to a blend of Electro and Rap in parts. They certainly know how to push the sound barriers.

They´ve fused together all these fresh elements to create this stand out piece of musical art that will leave you utterly intrigued.


Nick Red (lead vocals/guitar)

Seb (guitar/vocals), Mao (bass/vocals)

Fabz (drums/vocals)


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