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25. june 2014 at 20:29 | Miko Tamper |  Reviews
Before I get things started, let me take a moment and thank my new friends over at Eclipse Records for the unique access to their music for me alone to hear and enjoy for the time being. And I also realize that this album was released more than a year ago, but I'm willing to make an exceptional this time not only as a favor for Eclipse, but also because I liked "Life & Death" quite a lot after listening to it. I'm also placing this review under both the "Metal Reviews" and "Rock Reviews" categories because this is probably the first album that is wedged so firmly between the two genres that I cannot pick one without having to reconsider. The reason I say this is because I listen to songs like "Hit On the Radio" and think pop rock, but then I hear "This Pain" and I hear metal. Nonetheless, this album is a good one that deserves to be remembered.

When I was trying to come up with something that would completely cover the sound of Blowsight, I read the bio that came with the album and I found the most perfectly phrased sentence that could describe what I couldn't. "Blowsight immediately assault the listener with the energized opening track "It's Me You're Looking For". With their fierce first single "This Pain", the listener immediately realizes Blowsight are a band with ambitions that have no limit." Couldn't have said it better or more truthfully myself! The band does have ambition and that's what makes them great along with the pure talent and skill that went into the making of "Life & Death". The vocals have an amazingly good range of tones and tempo all throughout the album that impresses me because he can take his singing from the harsh screaming in "This Pain" to the wide variation he shows in "Dystopia II". The guitars also range between genres going from heavy to a calm and slow pace that will get just about any rock fan tapping their foot. The drums also have an insane beat the entire album that give an appropriate addition to the music that makes it sound all the more great. This whole album was one great piece of work that managed to place itself between metal and rock, and make something great out of it.

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