Myspace ll Days of Rain

1. february 2011 at 14:41 | Miko.TaMpEr
Blowsight have always been energy junkies. Adrenaline. Fire. Whatever is shining with presence, wherever there is movement, we wanna be there.

Myspace ll Tour's over. Thank you!

21. december 2010 at 16:59 | Miko.TaMpEr

Tour's over, back home in cold, COLD Sweden, gettin' ready for 2011.

And we already got 2 shows officially ready for the summer. Festivals for the WIN!
Gentleladies and men - Blowsight will play the magic WACKEN FESTIVAL 2011!

"Celý článek"

Myspace ll New release date for 'Dystopia Lane'!

6. september 2010 at 16:06 | Miko.TaMpEr

Oi!! Wuzup?
Did everyone have a kickass weekend? I know I did - hanging out with close friends, playing New Super Mario Bros on Nintendo Wii and drinking red wine. Good times, good times! Unfortunately I have to blend in some bad news - the band split up! And Mini has left Sweden, to stay with his amish wife in Hollywood.

Nah.... but the release date is pushed a cuppla weeks, to October 29th. Dang... would've been cool to release an album on my barfday! Oh well, next year perhaps ;)

Much love and respect to all of you weirdos out there! You are missed!

x x x


Myspace ll Dystopia Lane cover

31. august 2010 at 16:33 | Miko.TaMpEr
Hey hey!

Raining like MAD here in Stockholm today, so I figured I'd stay in with a glass of Mont Redon Châteauneuf-du-Pape, listen to Frank Sinatra and write y'all an update! YAY ME!! Okayy... where do I begin? OH! The OFFICIAL release date is on yours truly's birthday - October 15th! 14 new songs, some are quite familiar to you because of our recent german/swiss/netherland shows, and some are BRAND new. Smoking hot stuff. :)
"Celý článek"

Myspace ll Thank you

15. august 2010 at 15:39 | Miko.TaMpEr
Thank you!

Playing the german shows last week was extremely fun, and we are endlessly grateful for all the cool people joining us on our first-ever-headlining-german-show (that's a long word!). The atmosphere in that place was unbelievable and the only bad part about the evening is that it ended waaay to quickly.

We want to thank our kickass Blowsighted friends for showing up. For the love, the smiles, the handclappin'. For the presents (the chocolate, Chibi-books, t-shirts, key rings, ties, pins, teddybears - the list is long and our tourbus was PACKED on our way home, haha). For the fussball game Blowsight VS Blind (7-10 to Blind.... F*CK! Rematch soon, guys). For the Blowsight tattoos being shown (who would've known that 7 years ago? NOT me, I'll tell you that... and damnit - you guys beat me to it by a quick wind - the Skully tattooes!!! DA-AAMN!!!!! :D )

In short - Thank you. Without you, we wouldn't be doing what we do. We love you!

Now, looking forward to swedish shows with Royal Republic and Sonic Syndicate. The future's friggin' bright, you know?

x x x

Hugs n' Roses!!

Nick Red & Blowsight

Myspace ll Cancellation Statement - The Scorpions Tour

13. may 2010 at 16:25 | Miko.TaMpEr

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For production reasons the Scorpions have decided to not take along a second supporting act for the remaining German tour.

Therefore, on our second showday, Blowsight have been cancelled from the tour. We apologize to our fans who bought tickets to see us and we hope to make it up to you as soon as possible.

THANK YOU to the Scorpions, the Edguy Family, the sCREWpions and everyone who supported us!


Myspace ll Let's make the arenas rattle

27. april 2010 at 13:49 | Miko.TaMpEr

News flash, dear friends - Your favourite band Blowsight will be doing a littabitta travelling with the, holy sh*t, almighty, legendary, I-can't-believe-it's-true S C O R P I O N S.

That's right - we will do the honours to open up for one of the most important rock bands throughout the history of Rock'n Roll. This is probably the sickest thing that has ever happened to us so far in the Blowsight diary, and we are SO psyched (no sh*t Sherlock).

It's gonna be great to meet our awesome crazynut James Kottak again, and together with his pioneers from the Scorpions, alongside with our previous road friends in Edguy (from 2009), this is gonna be an event you do not, I repeat do NOT want to miss.
You can find the dates on our Myspace page.

Also, a couple of new Swedish shows will soon be up. Look out world, this year is our year.
Let's make the arenas rattle.

All the best

Nick 'the bandit' Red

Myspace blog from Nick

25. april 2010 at 17:43 | Miko.TaMpEr

Hey hey HEY!

Loadsa things coming up from all directions right now. Killer fun times, stress equals movement I guess. :)

Stockholm's leading rock station, the absolute, one and only Bandit Radio 106,3 is now spinning our brand new track "Bandit For Life" and the reactions are amazing. We will put up a sample here on Myspace real soon for you to check out. Release date is May 21st!!! Think you can wait? I don't blame you if you can't....

"Bandit for Life" will also be part of a compilation album released by the kickass people from Bandit Radio on May 5th. Don't hesitate to buy it, the whole line up is incredible.

Also... the Blowsight bus might be useful in a not too distant future. But more on that later. :)

Much love and TONS of hugs n bugs

Yours truly,
Nick Red

Blowsight going bandits for LIFE!

16. february 2010 at 10:54 |
Hey all!
Tour is going well, having SO much fun with our new BFFs in Kottak (we're the Von Crapps!). Johnny, Price, Athena and James are such wonderful human beings, and we're dreadin' for the day the tour is over... having WAY TOO MUCH FUN DAMMIT!! GADDAMMIT! They're the best. All shows have been a blast, and Switzerland was INSANE. I even remember seeing circlepits in the crowd in Basel - HOLY SWEET MOSES! Fun times, fun times. Hope to be back soon!

This is mainly news for our swedish followers, and I know - it's been SO long since we played Sweden, we've been travelling too much in Europe - but now it's time to kick some Stockholm 08 ass again! We will be doing a show empowered by everyones favourite Radio channel, Bandit 106,3 and play their Banditfest february 25th (yes - RE-HEAL soon, right!?) so don't you DARE miss out on this special event. As my new brother Johnny would say - WE WILL MAKE PARTY!!!!! :)

Guess that's all for now friends. Hope to see you all soon!

Much Love

x x x

Nick Red

POKER FACE Special Tour Release!

22. january 2010 at 10:41 |
POKER FACE Special Tour Release!!
Hey! World's happiest Nick Red here (of course I'm happy, it's SATRRRDAY!!)

First tour of 2010

17. december 2009 at 15:25 |
First tour of 2010!
Hey misters and missies!

We missed you all! We missed you SO much that we decided it's time for another tour. This time we're heading out with our great friends in Kottak, the band led by almighty cultband The Scorpions' drummer and lunatic James Kottak! We really believe this will be a kickass adventure and can't f*ckin wait to see you all there.

This time around the big Blowsight box will be PACKED with a 60 minute show, enabling us to be, if possible, even MORE diversed and being able to have, if possible, even MORE fun together with all of you. You do not, I repeat, do NOT wanna miss out on this!!

We've already put up the 100% confirmed cities, so check out our Myspace page often as the list of cities and countries WILL grow longer.
2010 couldn't have started better!!

MUCH love and respect

Yours truly,


Nick Red

Myspace // Blowsight 0.1

5. december 2009 at 17:25 | Miko.TaMpEr

BLOWSIGHT New Site!! Check it out!